Group Classes

We Specialize in Small Group Classes. Ensuring you Have the Individual Attention you Need.

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Group Classes are Held at:

1963 Innisfil Beach Road, Innisfil, ON. L9S 4B4.

The Facility/School is Heated and Air Conditioned.

$164.00 inc tax for a 6-week course.

Homework notes provided by e-mail after each class. Lifetime support for all clients via phone or e-mail.

What to Bring to Class

A Regular Flat Buckle, Six Foot Leash & 2 or 3 kinds of Soft Training Treats.

Two or Three kinds of soft training treats.
Examples: Dehydrated or Freeze Dried Liver, Chicken or White Fish, Blue Buffalo’s Blue Bits, Zukes, Wellness Wellbites, Simply Nourish, Cheese, Hot Dogs, Rollover Bits.

Please bring with you a copy for my records of your dogs Vaccinations, showing date given or due. This may be either a photocopy of:
– Health/Vaccination Record or Vet’s Invoice for vaccinations.

Required Vaccinations to attend Group Classes are:

Puppy Class Only
– 2nd set of Vaccines Required
Bordatella (Kennel Cough) Recommended.

All other Classes
– 1 or 3 Year Rabies
– DHPP (Bi-Annual Accepted)
– Titers accepted
– Bordatella (Kennel Cough) Recommended.

Puppy – 10 weeks to 5 months
Potty Training, Nipping & Chewing, Sit, Down, Come, Loose Leash Walking, Drop It, Leave It, Stay, Wait, Greetings (Yourself, Visitors, Strangers), Barking. Understanding how dogs communicate.

Beginner – 6 months and up
(ideal for rescues or those that missed Puppy Training)

Nipping & Chewing, Sit, Down, Come, Loose Leash Walking, Drop It, Leave It, Stay, Wait & Stay with Distance, Greetings (Yourself, Visitors, Strangers), Barking. Understanding how dogs communicate.

Intermediate – 6 months and up
(Puppy or Beginner skills required)

Working with Distractions, Heel Walk, Distance Down, Wait, Stays -(Increased Time, Distance & Distraction), Distractions to Come, Around, Stand/Stack for examination.

Advanced – 8 months plus
(Intermediate skills required)

Working with increased distractions on all basic commands. Stays to 20 feet with distractions, Turns at Heel, Stand Stay, Off Leash Heeling, Return To Heel, Emergency Down.

CD / CGC / CGN / Therapy 4 Week Course
The CD & CGC/CGN & Therapy Dogs Testing, require dogs to perform some or all of the following:- 20 foot one minute Sit Stay, Come when called, Heel on loose leash, negotiate turns at Heel, reaction to startle, reaction to other dogs, reactions to Cane/Walker/Wheelchair/Crutches and person with Altzhimers, Wait at entrance/door, Stand for exam, sit patiently for petting, Leave it, Down at a distance of 10 feet, response to hand signals.

Scenting Course (Introduction) 4 Week Course
Learning how to start your dog using his nose to find things and establishing the beginning of a tracking skill.
Fun brain work for your dog, useful, keeps them busy too!


You may pay by Cash, E-Mail Transfers or Personal Cheques.

Payment secures your spot in Group Classes or your Private Session. (Please note, only those that have paid in full are guaranteed their spot sessions(s))
E-Transfers make payable to "" use your dogs Name as collection Password.

Checks please make payable to "Marcia Murray-Stoof"

Cash and Personal Checks can be dropped off at The Academy at anytime.

Refunds are not available but fees can be transferred to alternative Class or Private Sessions.

Class sizes are limited to ensure personal attention.

Please make sure you fill out the enrollment form(s) and return via E-mail or Regular Mail for up-coming classes and or Private Sessions

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