Dog Nanny Testimonials

So Many Wonderful Reviews

Marcia Murray has been a true blessing to our household. Helping us understand our American Bulldog, and making it a positive experience always. We highly recommend You allow Marcia to guide you and your dog in a great bonding experience.
Thank You Marcia for all that you have done❤

Thank you Marcia for teaching us how to train Duncan our Golden doodle. Your training is on point!  The methods we were taught showed results immediately. I highly recommend your puppy class for families with new puppies. Looking forward to the intermediate class. Cheers!
Jen, Mike and Duncan


Marcia “The Dog Nanny” was recommended by my local veterinarian.  I was debating whether or not my dog Moka would benefit from obedience class since I had owned dogs my whole life and figured I could train her with the knowledge I already had.  Moka, however, proved to be stubborn which created some challenges.  I enrolled her in the Beginner Obedience class with Marcia and was surprised at how much we all learned.  I loved how Marcia was very thorough in her explanations and always took the time to answer questions and offer additional advice when needed.  She also offered breed specific tips which I found very helpful.  The weekly follow-up emails were excellent in reviewing what we learned in class and was a great reminder to continue the training techniques at home.  She was also very accommodating since Moka has a fear of certain flooring.  Moka was always greeted with her “special” mats waiting in her spot. Marcia is an excellent and knowledgeable teacher and I highly recommend her!
Eva Johnstone

Marcia has been a wonderful and training ME on how to properly train my dog. She recognizes the strengths and needs of each dog in her class and tailors what she has each dog do to where they are currently at. She has great knowledge of canine behaviour, takes into account goals you have for your dog, and has knowledge of various breeds of dogs. Weekly homework provided via email after each session was helpful and provided focus for the week. I would strongly recommend The Dog Nanny!
Hailey McLean

Roque just graduated from the beginner class. He had the basics but is almost a year old and going through the equivalent of the “terrible twos”. Thanks to Marcia we can now walk through the neighborhood without terrorizing other dogs. We were so calm in the class. Can’t wait for intermediate!
Tammy Stewart

roque dog

Could not help but think of you, and the classes (both serious and fun) we had together. Thanks for giving us back Tray – when we contacted you we were stressed out and Tray was stressed out. Thanks to your classes and animal behavior knowledge you gave us 5 more wonderful years with Tray. Tray was not feeling well and not able to go pee Thursday morning. Puffing and could not get comfortable. Took her to the vet at 11:00 am. They emptied her bladder and we booked appointment for ultrasound Friday. They drained her bladder again. She was full of life and running and playing like she had not for a while. She would still do sit, stay, down, wait, freedom, and come (the visual command would work sometimes when the verbal wouldn’t). Late Saturday afternoon, mom took her to have bladder checked Plan was for a 10 minute stop. Vet had result of ultrasound and tests – cancer.
The three of us said teary eyed goodbyes 5 pm. 

Tray the dog

Koda has come a long way since training with the Dog Nanny. I have learned an enormous amount as well.
Thanks Marcia

Koda training

Thanks for your excellent guidance and support during the training Marcia. It’s been a great experience teaching Fionn his manners.

Fionn Puppy

We have a 7 month old Rottie, who has been going with us to Marcia since we got him. Marcia is very familiar with dominant tendency breeds and has been an amazing teacher for us. It is simply amazing the things that people overlook and don’t know when communicating with their dog. Love the behaviorist style of teaching from Marcia and will be keeping Blue going through classes all the way to dog therapy!
Shara Wells

Our Rottie, Blue, has been going to The Dog Nanny since his second shots. Most of my dogs have done obedience training but they have NEVER learned like this guy has with Marcia. He is now going on 15 weeks old and is better trained then most of my past dogs. If you want to impress friends, family and yourself then you HAVE TO take your dog to her. Incredible.
Kevin Wells

Puppy training

If you have a dog, go to The Dog Nanny! Marcia’s techniques are simple and fun and the training bonds you with your dog. If I had a question about my puppy, she was available to talk before, during and after class. What especially convinced me to sign up for her beginner class over other trainers was when I did a consult for private lessons, she assessed my dog and was honest in saying that she thought she didn’t need private lessons and would benefit from a class, saving us money! I highly recommend her a services.
Lindsay Cheryl & Olive

Sam dog

We have taken two dog training classes with Marcia. She is one of the best trainers i have ever met. She is great with teaching children and adults how to handle their dogs. All the lessons were about real life situations and were super helpful. We will be continuing with more classes to hopefully pass the therapy dog exam in the future.
Jackson Marie & Rosie

rosie dog

Marcia was recommended to me by my brother. I decided to take my new puppy, Sammie, to Marcia for obedience training. I was amazed at how easy and how effective her techniques are. Marcia has given me the tools to train Sammie properly. Marcia has gone above and beyond anything I could hope for in a trainer. She continues to help Sammie to overcome her fear of new situations and it is working. In short, if you are looking for someone to help you understand your dog, Marcia is the only option. I will always bring my dogs back to her.
Steven Tanti

“We have been seeing Marcia for a year and have seen large improvements in our beloved pet Molly. Marcia helped us with basic training and specialised training with Molly. We had some issues with Molly showing some hyped excitement and were unsure what to do about it. Marcia came to us and showed us things we could do to help with releasing that excitement. Giving us the tools to understand what Molly needed helped us not only have a better puppy but helped us understand how Molly acts out for certain things. WE would recommend Marcia to anyone who requires any dog training or anyone who needs tips and or tricks with helping the relationship between the dog and the owner”.

Matt Ramos & Nick Basiuk

I am sending in this letter of reference for Marcia Murray-Stoof (The Dog Nanny). It has been a pleasure meeting Marcia and being part of her dog training classes. I have gained a better understanding of dog behaviours thanks to Marcia. She is very knowledgeable in her field of expertise. Marcia’s method of training is easy to follow and comprehend. She takes that extra mile and is always willing to work out any problems or situations that her clients may have with their dog.
Laurie Proctor
North Barrie

If your looking for a trainer that is personal, attentive and professional, look no further than Marcia, The Dog Nanny. We have done both the intermediate and advance courses, and our boys just love her. She is VERY informative, and very thorough with her training methods, and the best part is she trains YOU! She imparts the tools needed to raise a well trained and wonderful companion. In short top notch treatment, top notch facility, top notch trainer. Seriously look no further and be glad you found her.
Dan DeBiasio

We have had two boxer puppies, both trained by Marcia. Our first, Lily, had a congenital kidney disorder and we could not housebreak her. Marcia trained her to ring a bell at the door to tell us she wanted to go out to pee, the training took 20 minutes. Worth every cent. Lily passed away at 23 months. The second, Lexi has attended puppy training. We have to remember Boxers are the clowns of dogs. Boxers used to be German police dogs till the police realized they could train a German shepherd in half the time. We now have a six month old puppy that does not jump up at people, keeping her bum firmly on the ground when they come to the front door. Lexi is crate trained, knows all of the basic commands (sit, wait, stay, down stay, gentle (taking treats and not fingers) and leave it. Don’t have your house destroyed, pick up the phone and call Marcia.
Ian Hunter

Hi Marcia,
I just want to take a moment to say a great big “thanks” from Dean, Mia and myself. You are absolutely amazing at what you do. I thoroughly enjoyed your class and your energy. You made our experience a fun one indeed. I will definitely recommend your services to all (that owns a dog of course). Thank you, thank you, thank you! Look forward to the next session. Hopefully by then Mia will have mastered “down” and will have less “puppy energy”.
Janet and Dean Tonello
Belle Ewart

Marica was GREAT . Moxy our shepard puppy was only 12 weeks for our first beginner class. Moxy is now 4 1/2 moths and much more manageable after our 6 weeks with Marcia. We can’t wait to start the intermediate classes very soon. Highly recommanded to anyone who wants a well behaved puppy or dog. (who doesn’t ). Thanks Marcia see you again soon.
Jerry Widden

Marcia is an incredible person and is amazing with the dogs. I highly recommend her, it is time and money well spent. Marcia’s matter of fact approach is both easy to understand and implement because she explains why a dog thinks the way that he does. Thank you for helping to bring about a positive change in the lives of dogs!
Jen Peterson

Tuxedo and I want to thank you Marcia so much as the puppy classes that he just graduated from were a great step forward in making him a better behaved puppy. You are an excellent instructor with so many great ideas to help with problems and to make training more fun. We look forward to beginner classes!! I have recommended you to friends already!
Kelly Wamolt

Marcia is a true professional in every sense of the word. Educated, experienced and most of all has a true passion for her field. Taking The Dog Nanny’s training you will receive excellent instructions, answers to any training or behavior issues you may be experiencing and someone who truly cares.
Liz Gilmour

My Name is Johnah Kay-Dean and I am a client of Marcia Murray-Stoof (The Dog Nanny). I have a Rottweiler/Cane Corso named Roxie and when I first came to see Marcia in June 1012, I was at my wits end with my destructive and aggressive puppy. I first had Marcia attend my home for a private session with Roxie, myself and my spouse. Marcia sat with our family for two hours and went through detailed instruction and then demonstrated the techniques taught to ensure proper understanding by us and our puppy. Marcia was so patient with all of us. After Marcia left our home we noticed a significant change in Roxie and her increase of listening and obeying. Since that visit I have attended both Beginner and Intermediate classes with Roxie at Marcia’s dog school. Before and after each class Marcia took time to assess Roxie and me together and offer any additional tips to improve both myself and Roxie as partners. Marcia’s time was unlimited with us and she would gladly accept every phone call to discuss any issues I was having. I couldn’t express the gratitude I have for Marcia and her knowledge, experience and patience she has for not only dogs of all kinds but for their owners! I will continue to see Marcia and recommend her services to all my friends and family. Our Roxie is becoming a wonderful dog, so much so that I have received numerous letters of reference from those who care for Roxie while we are at work. Roxie has no aggression what so ever and is very obedient and now a great family dog. IN addition to her professional knowledge, Marcia has exceptional compassion for dogs. In December 2013 we almost lost Roxie to Parvo virus. Marcia was in tough every step of the way and posting our story on her FB page to protect and inform her clients and general public. Due to Marcia we received so many prayers and thoughts for Roxie and it touched our hearts.

We’ve had experience with Marcia through both classes and in-home visits. She has a great deal of experience and knowledge of dog behaviour and has been a great help for both ourselves and Maple. Thanks Marcia!
Le Froy

Marcia is an excellent instructor with a wealth of knowledge. My dog Brutus is better behaved at home and on walks because she has taught me how to communicate with him. Marcia’s classes are entertaining as she is fun to listen to and patient with us all. I hope to take more classes with her.
Katherine M.

I’m writing this letter on behalf of my family and our new dog Ducky. We adopted Ducky from the S.P.C.A. and soon realized that we needed help getting Ducky adjusted to our home. Marcia’s beginners class was great. Marcia was very knowledgeable, and both Ducky and I learned a lot from this class. I would recommend “ The Dog Nanny “ for anyone who is in need of help with training their dog. Sincerely,
Ducky & Family

Marcia Murray-Stoof, otherwise referred to as The Dog Nanny clearly understands dog behaviour. She has an uncanny knowledge of our four legged friends and enables owners to meet the needs their pets without compromising their rightful place in the “pack”- Having been a repeat offender of letting my pooch rule the roost, I have run with tips and instruction provided by Marcia in several(yes-several!) courses to assert my proper position in the pack. I would highly recommend Marcia to anyone wishing to train their dog/puppy as she exudes confidence during training and inspires all of us to take the lead!
M Parks,
New Market

Hi Marcia. Want to thank you again for a great six weeks. Princess, Mike and I hugely benefited from your puppy training class. Princess usually does a much better job at walking and “leave it” than she did for the exam, but we were pleased overall with her results. “Stay” was her best and yet that’s the one we were a little worried about. Lol. Our puppy girl means the world to us. After my husband passing away suddenly and tragically, four years ago, Mike moved back home and now we jointly own the house. Our beloved Molly was always our comfort and comic relief. Then, she passed away this March. The house wasn’t the same without a dog. Princess has been like a gift from above, but it hasn’t been easy raising a puppy from the age of 8 weeks. BUT, it got sooo much better thanks to you! We get lots of compliments about her good behaviour and response to hand signals, etc. Attached a pic from graduation. Thanks, again
Bonny Barth.