Who is the Dog Nanny?

Meet Marcia

With over 25 years of experience, Marcia is a very well qualified Dog Training Instructor and Canine Behaviourist.

Marcia holds Certifications from several recognized associations to back and qualify her extensive knowledge on dog training and canine behaviour.

The Dog Nanny

Marcia is a current professional member of the following organizations:

Associations to Dog Nanny

Marcia is also a current professional member of the following organizations:

  • Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers
  • Animal Behavior College Inc.(Authorised Mentor Trainer)
  • The Canadian Kennel Club (Certified C.G.N. Evaluator)
  • The Pet Professional Guild

And Former Member of:

  • Therapeutic Paws of Canada (As Director of Evaluators & a Therapy Dog & Cat Evaluator)
  • The International Positive Dog Trainers Association (Professional Member)
  • The Kennel Club (UK)
  • The Dogue De Bordeaux Society of Canada

Marcia is also on the panel of experts for 3 web based groups:

Marcia is also a consultant on Canine Behaviour & Committee Member for the Town of Innisfil’s Off-Leash Dog Park project and was an Expert Speaker at the 2012 Ontario Dog Expo.

Marcia started her canine career at the age of 8, by taking her Mother’s Great Danes to Obedience classes at the local training school. As Marcia became proficient she often assisted the trainer, this lead to her doing a 4 year apprenticeship then her taking her Certification Exam as a Professional Dog Training Instructor, and Marcia has been teaching both Students and other Trainers for the last 25 years.

As Dog Training was not considered a proper career at that time, Marcia proceeded with her formal education and therefore her work as a Dog Training Instructor & Canine Behaviourist had been on a part-time basis, working evenings and weekends. Marcia is now able to dedicate herself full-time to her passion of working with dogs and people.

Marcia was a very well known and respected trainer in Buckinghamshire, England, teaching not only students but other trainers. She spoke at many lectures, and attended many as well always looking to increase her knowledge and skills. Which includes gaining, a diploma in Canine Behaviour, from The Royal Veterinary College of London, England.

Since coming to Canada in 1991, Marcia has established herself here as a well respected Trainer & Behaviourist. Marcia also continues to educate herself on training techniques and also speaks at various canine related seminars.

Marcia has owned a variety of breeds over the years and of course is very knowledgeable on all breeds. Her passion now lies with the Dogue De Bordeaux (French Mastiff), leading her to become a Breeder & Exhibitor of them.

Endorsements From Other Professionals in the Field

“Marcia is a trainer with over 20 years experience and it shows, she takes into account the dog owner/dog team. Very personable she understands that every team is unique and does not use a cookie cutter approach when training a dog. She sees the world from the dog perspective and translates that into “human”.

I enjoy working with Marcia because she is straight forward, professional and very knowledgeable about dogs and people.”

Service Category: Dog Trainer
Year first hired: 2010 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Catherine Potin
Founder and Publisher, Happy Dog Connections

“I first met Marcia because I was looking for a Certified Canine Behaviorist to interview for a dog book I am writing. In her recent interview with me she displayed vast and comprehensive knowledge of the evolution of the dog, domesticated dog behavior, nutrition and training. She exemplifies a superior understanding of how dogs need to live and function in our society today, using the safest and most effective training methods. Marcia has also coached me with some great tips for by newly adopted 140 pound rescued Bullmastiff. All paws up for Marcia.”

Lynne McCarthy, ASID

“Marcia has in-depth knowledge of dogs and dog behaviour. She also has the people skills to work well with the people who bring their dogs to her. The result? Better dogs and happy clients.”

Service Category: Animal Behaviour and Dog Training Service
Year first hired: 2005
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Judith Dremin

“I met Marcia when I first applied to be a volunteer with Therapeutic Paws of Canada. Marcia has a wonderful gift at working with dogs and people. She has a deep appreciation and respect for dogs and reminds others to always be attentive to the needs of a dog.

Catherine Ecker

Arreau Standard Poodles

I first met Marcia about 4 years ago when she worked with me to train our two standard poodles Betty-Jo and Jenny. As a poodle breeder it is extremely important to me that my dogs be well trained and well behaved. We went through several levels of obedience training with them and they are now wonderful well behaved family members. They both still remember Marcia and get excited every time we see her. She has also encouraged me to get Betty Jo involved in becoming a therapy dog. I know she will love it. I am so excited that she passed her evaluation and is well on her way. She, also thanks to Marcia’s training, passed her CGN after her intermediate course was completed. When we kept Betty Jo’s daughter Cayenne it was an easy choice where to go for dog training. She has recently graduated Advanced training and has come so very far in so many different areas. When we first took her to Marcia it was because she was a bit shy which was a problem was for us. She now loves everyone and is very outgoing. We couldn’t be happier. We have recently been enjoying taking Rally-O classes with her. I can’t believe how fast Cayenne is learning and can’t wait to take her into the ring. Marcia has been so helpful in letting us know what to expect and what judges are looking for. Not only has she worked with me but also my son and has worked hard on encouraging him and getting him involved which has been great for him. We are hoping to continue on with lessons with Cayenne and Marcia in the future. Another thing I appreciate about Marcia is that she encourages the whole family to get involved and learn. It’s wonderful for the kids (especially my 2 younger ones), to learn along with us.

Debra Lynn Mortson-Pohl – Barrie, Ontario.

My Deepest Thanks

This letter is to express my deepest thanks and gratitude to Canine Behviourist/Dog Trainer Marcia Murray-Stoof. My name is Jocelyn Hogg and in 2009 I enrolled into a dog training program through The Animal Behaviour College Inc. After finishing my practical theory part of the course we are set up with an Externship Trainer to practice hands on and get some real world experience. My Externship Trainer was Marcia and to the day I will never be able to thank her enough for the opportunity and privilege to learn under her supervision.
Marcia is an OUTSTANDING teacher, not only with the dogs but with the owners. The amount of patients, understanding and enthusiasm is something that I hope that one day I will be able to demonstrate as well as she does when with her own clients. I highly recommend her services to anyone who feels that they are having any issues with their canine companions be it small or large. I don’t think there are any dogs/owners in this country that marcia would not be able to help. I work in a small animal veterinary practice and have already recommended Marcia’s services to some of our clients and will continue to do so because they are in the best hands.
Working with and observing Marcia with her clients in class was an amazing, fun and very educational privilege. Words cannot express how much I have learned about Canine Behaviour aside from the training aspect of the job. And for that I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to work with “The Dog Nanny” Marcia Murray-Stoof.

Jocelyn Hogg R.V.T.