Puppy Social Session Booking Form

 FIRST Tuesday Each Month: 6:00pm – 6:40pm

$5.00 per session per puppy
You MUST bring with you Proof of 1st and/or 2nd set of Puppy series Vaccination to enter Session.

Month Choice (Be sure to watch the calendar for any rescheduling):

Dog's Birthday:

I the undersigned agree that I will not hold responsible “The Dog Nanny”, also known as Marcia Murray-Stoof, or her staff for any injury to myself or my pet(s), which may occur, as a result of our participation in a puppy session. I understand that should The Dog Nanny (Marcia Murray-Stoof) sustain injury, whilst working with myself and/or my dog(s), that I would be liable to pay any and all medical expenses incurred in the treatment of such injury.
The Dog Nanny (Marcia Murray-Stoof) and/or her staff may refuse to allow my Puppy entrance or to dismiss my Puppy from the Puppy Social, should she or her staff consider me or my Puppy(ies) a danger to herself, her staff or other guests both human and Canine, in such cases, the payment is still due.
I have read and fully understand these agreements and my signature, (written or typed) below is evidence of such.

I Agree


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